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If you have ever sat an interview and especially an azure interview, you would know every interview is different to the other even if it for the same job role. Interview questions on Azure can vary a lot interview to interview. I have had an opportunity to answer many azure interview questions and I can assure you that your next interview is going to be very different to the last one.

Azure is vast and have many IAAS and PAAS capabilities and you have to prepare to answer questions for any of those Azure capabilities. I am assuming as you are here to prepare for an Azure interview , so you have some prior knowledge and are not a beginner and hence I won’t be covering basics of Azure (maybe I could write another post for that some other day !)

Azure Interview Questions in progression

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As Azure as a subject is vast, there are various roles that you could be interviewing for, some of the more common roles in Azure are : Azure Administrator, Azure Devops Engineer, Azure Architect, Azure Solutions Architect, Azure Security Architect , Azure Developer etc

These roles may be further divided into other roles e.g., for Azure Architect you may have Azure IAAS Architect, Azure Network architect, Azure PAAS architect especially in large enterprise organisations. On the other hand, for smaller organisations the roles might be a combo role for example Azure Administrator and Azure Devops Engineer is one role.

Why I am painting this picture is because even though you may not be directly interviewing for a specific role, you could get asked a question which is more specific to the other job role. The interviewer may not want you to be an expert in that subject but may want you to have an understanding so you can answer those interview questions on Azure.

Now every job role is going to have a specific focus on skills needed for that job role, but it would be hard to cover every job role in this article, so I would keep this general for Microsoft azure interview questions

Some of the courses that helped me and will also help you in the interview and in your job role : Azure Administrator, Azure Devops , Azure Architect

Microsoft Azure Interview Questions practice time

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Best advice I can give you is to, have as much knowledge across the board if you want to be able to answer as many azure interview questions as possible. When I say as much knowledge as possible, I mean across the spectrum for various Azure capabilities. I am not saying that this is a must, but it would help if you had knowledge of all the other areas

I work as a Cloud architect and I have been asked for e.g.

Question: What do I know about Devops?

Now I don’t necessarily need to know how to be able to write terraform code and to be able to build pipelines using Jenkins, but it would be good if you had an understanding and likewise for as many areas of azure as possible.

I have put a list of some Azure online courses that, if you haven’t, should try and complete.

GETTING READY – for Microsoft azure interview questions

Most of the times you will have a job spec and you will be able to get a relatively good idea about the azure interview questions they are going to try and ask. But at the same time, I have been to interviews where not many questions were based on the job spec. Even still your best bet is to prepare as best as you can by reading the job spec line to line and having a good understanding of those topics

Azure Interview Questions

  • What are the benefits of cloud computing?
  • Do you know what Azure Migrate is?
  • How would you architect highly available SQL capability between two Azure regions?
  • Can you talk me through steps of installing and configuring AD connect?
  • What are the authentication options that Azure AD connect provide you?
  • What are the best virtual machines sizes for Dev and Test?
  • Why would you use a PAAS service over IAAS?
  • Talk me through few options how you can transfer data from on-premise to cloud?
  • Talk me through some of your recent projects?
    • Be very careful here, have a think about this question before hand, as you want to pick the topic that you can talk about comfortably
    • If you have been actually doing this, this should not be a problem at all, but still prepare
  • What is the best type of virtual machine type for SQL servers?
  • What is Azure Policy?
  • What are Azure Blueprints?

Now it is very hard to list all interview questions you will get asked, if fact it cant be done, as mentioned previously every interview is going to be different.

In most of my interviews, what I have gathered is, interviewer wants to know if you know enough and if you will be able to learn quickly on the job, as almost all interviewers understand cloud moves so quick and also that Azure is vast that it is hard for one to remember everything by heart. Now I am not saying that you should not know your job, as you will get caught out very quickly if you don’t! especially in hands on role, unless you learn at the speed of a light.

azure devops interview questions

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If you are not already doing this, please subscribe to Azure Blogs and updates, I have set up a RSS feed on my Chrome, with this not only will know what new features and capabilities are being released and how they can be implemented. This in the end will also help you with preparing for your azure interview questions. Hiring managers like people those who try and keep up to date with tech.

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MOST IMPORTANTLY: Please let me know in comments what has your experience been with azure interview questions?

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