Long Island U Traq GPS Vehicle Tracking Device Installation Nassau County NY

Long Island U Traq GPS Vehicle Tracking Device Installation

GPS trackingCyberview Technologies is proud to offer the sale and installation of the popular
U-Traq 24 Hour GPS vehicle tracking device. This vehicle tracking device helps businesses with vehicle fleets: school bus companies, taxi companies, commercial trucking companies, i.e., by monitoring the daily activities of their vehicles. If, as the business owner, you are unsure of the location of your vehicles, the U-Traq will give you peace of mind as it:

• Reports starts, stops, idle time and trips - particularly if there are any out of route   travels.
• Provides speeding alert notifications.
• Provides boundary violation alerts.
• Establishes multiple alert zones, notifying when a vehicle enters or departs a   defined area.
• Provides continuous locating every 5 minutes while vehicle is moving.
• Provides one click locating - even if the vehicle is off.
• Locate and recover missing vehicles.
• Monitor for unauthorized use of vehicles.

You can better manage company vehicles and employee start/end times with surety. Monitor all from any computer or smartphone.

You will save your company money in the future as you are aware of accurate trip mileages.

For families with elderly drivers, you can also monitor their whereabouts if you are worried they have become disoriented and possibly lost.

Contact Cyberview Technologies today for Long Island U Traq GPS vehicle tracking device installation by calling 516-425-6464.




U Traq GPS Vehicle Tracking Long Beach, NY

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