Long Island Marina and Yacht Clubs Video Surveillance Security System Installation Nassau County NY

Long Island Marina & Yacht Clubs Video Surveillance Security System Installation

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Long Island Yacht Club Video Surveillance  System Nassau County NYAvid boaters spend quite a deal of time and money on the next prized possession they have after their homes and cars.  Whether you need video surveillance for the weather and tides, or security surveillance to make sure your boat is safe and not intruded upon when you’re not there, we have the security system solution for boaters. Our security systems will work for you regardless of the weather condition. Our systems can also notify you via email if there is any unauthorized entry on to or into your boat (requires an internet connection).

We will consult with you and design a system suitable for your marina or yacht club. Whether it is an IP video surveillance system, DVR video system or a covert video surveillance solution, whichever you choose we will customize and install it for you to give you peace of mind.

We also install transom cameras which can aid you in docking your vessel.

We will set up your marina with long range WiFi for your enjoyment and convenience.

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Long Island Marina Video Surveillance Security System Nassau County NY

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