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Long Island Data Backup

data back up long beach nyProtect your business' valuable data with a safe, affordable online data backup system! Don't find yourself out of business due to mishaps and from never having back-upped your data!

Years of information can be wiped out in an instant, whether due to a malicious program in your computer systems, accidental deletion of files, other human mishaps to the information, hard drive crashes, computer theft. With a hard drive crash it is possible to recover your data, but why gamble your business on this? Long Island data backup protection from Cyberview Technologies assures that your business will continue to function uninterrupted.

We have partnered with Mozy.com to bring you and your company an affordable, dependable data back up system compatible with Windows and Mac computers and servers. With strict encryption security measures, you can trust your information to be safe.

Personal home computers can also benefit from online data backup as years of precious photography, and information from home-owned businesses can be lost as well. We offer online data backup protection for personal users as well as businesses.

Contact Cyberview Technologies today for Long Island data backup and give yourself peace of mind. Call 516-425-6464 today to get started!

Reasons for having your computer's data backed up today:
Did you know?
• 50% of all hard drives will crash within 5 years, and all hard drives will crash during their lifetime
• More than 1 in 10 laptops will be stolen in their lifetime: it is a statistic that a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds
• Every year 46% of computer users lose their music, photos, and documents
• 89.1% of PC users don't perform regular backups
• A recent study from Gartner, Inc. found that 90% of companies that experience data loss go out of business within two   years.
• 70% of companies go out of business after a major data loss

Backup your digital life before you wish you did!


Long Island Data Backup Long Beach Nassau County NY

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