Long Island License Plate Capture Recognition Systems Nassau County NY

Long Island License Plate Capture Recognition Systems

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Long Island License Plate Capture SystemFor the security of your property, license plate capture and recognition will show you exactly who has driven onto or had left your property.  Cyberview Technologies installs license plate capture/recognition systems for residential and commercial customers.  Combined with traditional security recording, license plate capture/recognition systems are one of the most valuable assets you can have.  The technology for license plate capture makes for stronger security, while license recognition, which retains the license plate information in a data base, takes it to a higher level by retaining an image record of the license plate, thus allowing the property owner to know of fraud, crime, etc. We can install license plate capture systems onto your already existing security system. Gated communities, condominium and co-op properties, businesses welcome this technology immensely.

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Long Island License Plate Recognition Security System

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