Long Island Gated Community Video Security Surveillance System Nassau County NY

Long Island Gated Community Video Security System

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Long Island Gated Communities Security Systems Nassau County NYFor those living in gated communities, the realization is that the gate alone doesn't necessarily provide adequate security for themselves and their families.  A video surveillance system can be relied on for 24/7 monitoring of the area at all times.

An added benefit to a video security system for a gated community is a license plate recognition system, where license plate images are captured and  a record can be retained of all vehicles that enter and leave the community.  It will be a deterrent to any possibility of vandalism.  Our gated community video security system will be encased in weather-proofed housings and will be able to adjust automatically to the change of outdoor lighting. You will have clear resolution images from our surveillance cameras.

Contact Cyberview Technologies to arrange for a consultation for installing a video security system for your gated community by calling today 516-425-6464.





Long Island Gated Community Video Surveillance System

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