Long Island Card Access Entry Security Systems Installation Nassau County NY

Long Island Card Access Entry Security Systems Installation

Card Access Entry Systems Nassau County NYWith a card access entry system in place, you can dictate who is allowed in certain areas of your business, as well as limit the amount of times they can enter that specific area. It can be set to disallow employees into the business after certain times, like non-business hours. You can also determine how long someone is spending in a certain area. It can also be set with a lock and unlock privilege, such as using their card twice to lock, twice to unlock, which brings to them also a sense of security once inside the premises.

There are various types of cards: proximity cards which contain a small radio transponder that identifies the cardholder to the system; magnetic cards which are like credit cards on which the magnetic strip holds the identification; biometric which uses the user's body part (i.e. fingers, hands, eyes) for identification; and keypad. Contact Cyberview Technologies for the best solution for your security system.

The cardholder database gets set up by the administrator, granting the use of the cardholder at any times dictated by access profiles created. As the transactions occur, it is automatically transmitted and stored. You can view this at anytime via PC.

Contact Cyberview Technologies today for consultation on installing a card access entry system to your business by calling 516-425-6464.





Long Island Card Access Security Systems Nassau County NY

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